Blessed Nest Product Safety Guide

Blessed Nest Safety Guide


The highest of standards:

Our products are 100% organic. Our products are NOT treated with chemical fire retardents.

Read on for details and safety:


Our Nesting Pillows and Nest Eggs are not considered by law to be "bedding", or even for infant use, technically. BHFTI (CA Bureau of Home Furnishings & Thermal Insulation) has, in fact, deemed the Nesting Pillow to be a piece of furniture (odd, I know, but the definition is "something that is meant to be reclined upon by the entire body").  We do our best to market our products to the caregiver, for their use in caring for the infant, assuming that they will use it with reasonable supervision. We label both products on the insert and also the slipcover with the required law label and an additional safety label that is not required, but states the intended use and other safety information.


Safety Certificates:


BHFTI Safety certificate with the California Bureau of home furnishings (CA is the most difficult to pass and has the highest standards.. Fire Retardants and other chemicals on nursing pillows have been known to cause breathing difficulties and possibly SIDS. Our Pillows passed VERY HIGH on fire safety. Chemicals on pillows tend to catch fire more quickly and melt.

This is what the certificate states and it is tagged on our Nesting Pillow insert.

This article meets all flammability requirements of the California Bureau of Home Furnishings.  Technical Bulletin 117. Care should be exercised near open flame or with burning cigarettes.


The BHFTI measures how long it takes the pillow and its individual components to catch fire and at what heat. We passed it with really high scores.



About our organic, cotton French terry fabric:

 We use local distributors who have certification to GOTS on file. It is made in India by mills who comply with very strict human rights standard.

About the 100% organic Canvas Fabric:

Our canvas is from a US mill, and even the cotton is grown in the US. Unfortunately, there just aren't many of those mills left!

About our ZIPPERS:

The zippers DO NOT contain lead, and they comply with the European nickel standards

( the US doesn't have any set nickel standards as of yet). The zippers themselves are not metal, only the pull is metal.

Fun informational links here and here about our Zipper source:


A note from Heather the founder of Blessed Nest on why we don’t use chemicals and fire retardants:


I've spent a lot of time researching this very issue, and it is actually the thing that started me down the road of "all organic". As we have stated; our Nesting Pillows are not "treated" with anything. In fact the chemicals that are used for making fabrics fire-retardant are linked to cases of SIDS more than any other theory out there. Fabrics are only required to be treated if they are being used for children's sleepwear, and in certain commercial applications (hospital curtains, etc). That's why most of your baby's nighties are labeled "not intended as sleepwear", or are made of that strange-feeling fabric. In a nutshell, nothing about our pillow attracts fire like, say a petroleum-based foam might, so there is no need to treat it. The Nesting Pillow will not catch fire more readily than anything else. It is important that articles of bedding and furniture are tested, because there has been a problem with the chemicals that can be on fabrics and in other materials promoting flame where it wouldn't normally be (like if a lamp fell over on it). All of the major components of both pillows are made with 100% organic materials which are certified to not even contain pesticides. All other components (zippers, thread, labels) are either not available in organic, or the organic version does not meet our standards for quality and durability. We care very much about literally every element of our products (yes, even thread!).


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Heather Anderson~ Founder, President

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