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feedback from health care professionals:

 "The Nesting Pillow is by far the best nursing pillow I have come across. Not only is it extremely beneficial for positioning the nursing baby correctly, but it is also excellent at providing a brand new mother the support she needs to be comfortable while breastfeeding, while allowing the baby to suckle appropriately. This pillow is also beneficial at providing good labor support to the birthing mother. I would highly recommend this product to any new mother to be."

Danielle Gauss, CCE, CD, CLE
Orange County, CA

"The most important advantage of using the Nesting Pillow is avoiding neck problems during nursing. The mother is more relaxed because the weight of the baby is absorbed by the pillow and the buckwheat molds very securely around the baby. There is no worry about the pillow moving around because of the weight of the pillow. The natural buckwheat filling leaves mother and baby after the nursing dry and comfortable unlike the foam pillows that immediately blocks the heat and makes them sweaty right away.

All this ads up to an ideal nursing pillow that even is perfect to use at classes to get ready for birth as a back support and during labor."

Susanna Baenziger, RN and Midwife
Kantonsspital Winterthur
(Winterthur Regional Hospital)
Winterthur, Switzerland

what moms and dads are saying:

" By far the single most useful thing these past two weeks has been the Blessed Nest nursing pillow...I am grateful for it and think of you about 70 times a day! " Ann, Los Angeles, CA

"As a nursing mom of 4 (soon to be five) children, I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to come across your wonderful nursing pillow.

With my first 3 children nursing became a complicated mixture of assorted pillows and uncomfortable positions. In researching nursing pillows I could tell at a glance that none of the ones I had seen on the market would be comfortable or practical.

With my 4th child I came across your pillow and I fell in love with it at once because of the fantastic fabric but also I could tell how cozy it would be. I ordered mine immediately. When I opened my package I gasped! It was absolutely gorgeous, even more beautiful than I had expected, the workmanship was incredible. When I tried it out I knew I had found what I was looking for. It gave me just the exact amount of support that I needed and felt so natural, like nursing was supposed to feel .

I have been so happy with my nursing pillow. It has washed beautifully and I have taken it everywhere from long car trips to the chair on the porch. I love that pillow so much that I have already pulled it out of storage even though baby #5 is not due for 3 more months. I love to look at it and think about all the cozy nursing sessions that we will enjoy.

Thank you so much for a most beautiful, cozy and uniquely excellent product. I really could not rave enough about it. I wish I had found it with my first child."

Pasha K., Bishop, CA

" should know that your Nesting Pillow is a Godsend. Alena loves it. The way it conforms to her body seems to make her feel so safe that she wants to spend hours on end laying on it on our laps. Amelia has been using it for feeding, and I’ve been using it to sit and stare into her little blue eyes as she slowly closes them and fades off to sleep... "

Eric, Chicago, Ill.

"Hey! I just got a nesting pillow as a baby gift and I LOVE IT! This is my third baby so I already had a Boppy pillow. My Boppy doesn’t hold a candle to my new "little nest". I want to order one for my best friend..."

Ashley, Jackson, TN

"...I originally thought I would need some sort of strap to hold it against my body, but after using the Nesting Pillow I realized that the buckwheat does an amazing job of forming to the body, holding it in place. Ellie really likes it too! She seems much more relaxed on it compared to my other pillows. The cover is very soft and comfortable...and I love how easy it is to clean! With my other pillow, cleaning the cover is quite the ordeal..."

Mikki , Bloomfield Hills, MI

"The thing I love about my Nesting Pillow is that it has so many uses. Not only is it a fabulous nursing pillow, but I also have used it as a pregnancy pillow for myself to support my legs while I sleep. We travel a lot, and I can use it for a pillow for my head (I have a bad neck a buckwheat pillow is the only thing I can sleep on). My toddler also sometimes uses it as a pillow for his head, since normal pillows are often too thick for him. I just squish the buckwheat until it is just the right height for him. Another great use is as a side rail for my two year old when I lay him down on grandma’s bed when we’re out of town. It stays in place and he has never managed to roll over it.

I also love that it looks so cute lying around the house. So many nursing pillows are covered with tacky fabric that is an eyesore sitting on my couch, but not the Nesting Pillow! The slipcover is pretty, and so easy to remove and wash. What a great product!"

Jessica, Bishop, CA
Mother of 2

"I just think every single day about how WONDERFUL my nesting pillow is! I just LOVE it!"

Kristal, Riverton, KS
Mother of 3

"I have a Nesting Pillow and use it all of the time. It is great for breast feeding and letting her sleep in it. I wrap it around her on the couch. She is almost 2 weeks old and I got the pillow for my baby shower. I am considering getting another one. It is much better than the boppy
pillow which I am going to return because it isn't as convenient as your nesting pillow."

Lucy , Houston, TX

"I absolutely love the nesting pillow from nursing to taking naps on it myself. It is so comfortable. It keeps Ashley supported now that she is getting heavier. I am really glad I have it.

Karilee, New York, NY

"The nesting pillow is a DREAM. How can we get these to Budapest??? I want them for all my friends!"

Erica, Budapest, Hungary and New York, NY
Mother of 3

"...the nursing pillow you designed is wonderful! In fact, Emese is on it right now! I inherited a boppy pillow from an acquaintance which I was using in Hungary. I must say, yours is of far better materials, not so bulky and adjusts to the baby's and my shape perfectly."

Eniko , Brooklyn, NY

"I am still loving my beautiful nursing pillow and have found multiple other uses for it, including using it to prop up baby or keeping baby from rolling off the bed. I have also used it while pregnant and am currently using it with my third baby (a girl!)."

Rachelle, Royal Oak, MI
Mother of 3

"...I tried all the top nursing pillows with my first daughter and nothing was comfortable or practical. I had difficulties with nursing and the Blessed Nest pillow made everything much easier.

I have in turn given it as gifts and mom's have said it is much better than the Boppy or My Breast Friend which are the most know pillows at this time. The fabrics are by far the most beautiful and make any new mommy excited about the sometimes intimidating process of nursing. It really does make motherhood so much easier by leaving mommy calm to nurse baby, not stressed and frustrated.

Donna, Garden Grove, CA
Mother of 2

"We love the nesting pillow, and I have to tell you, we can't keep our cats off of it. We are going to have to hide it! Have you though about making them for pets too? Anyway, I thought I'd share that with you. It is so funny the cats LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Amy, River Forest, Ill.

"...Everyone I know (and have met in baby care classes, etc.) is still up in "Boppy-ville" for nursing pillows, and they just don't realize that A) the Boppy was never meant to be a nursing pillow and B) for women of any size other than a size 2, a Boppy would never fit around their middle section comfortably and C) Babies really need a flat, flexible surface to lounge on when snuggling or breastfeeding, not a rounded lump to roll away from mommy on."

Cheryl, Long Beach , CA

"Thank you for the nesting pillow. I love it so much -- I feel like it's part of me now -- I can't live without it!"

Kathryn, Tuckahoe, NY
Mother of 4

"I can't believe what a difference it makes! I wouldn't have known if my computer hadn't husband was up until midnight pulling the hard drive out of my computer and putting it into his. While he was working on it, I fell asleep on the Nesting Pillow I had bought to help him sleep better. Then when he came to bed and I had to give it back, I couldn't sleep on my pillow! I kept dreaming of the buckwheat! "

Kristen, Brooklyn, NY

" I loooove my pillow!!! I have used it to sleep with. I have scoliosis and usually awake with a very painful neck and back! I got the Nesting Pillow..and no pain in the morning! Jarom tries to steal it from me! The Nesting Pillow is perfect support, my head is cradled which keeps me from moving around a lot, I also sleep on my side, it is the perfect width between my shoulder and head!! Thank you so much!!! "

Lana , Seattle, WA

"... my friend loved the nesting pillow - she was breast-feeding when I arrived with it so she immediately started to use it and said she could feel the back-strain amazingly disappear. It is so beautiful too – "

Allison, Brooklyn, NY

"I saw the nesting pillow at a baby shower and thought it was such an innovative idea!"

Meredith , Galena , KS

“I am not a mom but I have given the same gift to about 10 new moms in the past year, your Nesting Pillow! It's such a unique and useful gift for nursing the baby naturally or with a bottle. Every time I have given this pillow as a gift, the new mom and all of her friends have gone crazy. I hope that someone buys the Nesting Pillow for me when I have a baby.”

Meredith, Yorktown Heights, NY